A traffic cop going by the name ‘Pastor Afande’ has turned into an overnight celebrity after a video of him preaching the word of God in Zimmerman went viral.

Captured in an amateur video, an enthusiastic Pastor Afande, who is armed with a baton, is seen bringing business to a standstill as he delivers the word to the people of Zimmerman wearing his full uniform.

The traffic cop caused a stir as he excitedly called on passers by to repent their sins and turn to God.

In his sermon, Pastor Afande who had a public address system, warned that no one can ever save him or herself from hell not even the armed policemen but God.

In an era where the police service has been finding it hard to win public trust in the wake of extra judicial killings, this video might go a long way to show that some are not just there to enforce the law of the land but also to deliver the great message of salvation.

Watch the video here.