Stephanie Kiuna

Popular pastor Reverend Kathy Kiuna’s daughter, Stephanie has been keeping a low profile recently. The wild lass who is known for her controversies and is unapologetic about it is rarely active on social media, nowadays. From sharing photos of herself smoking shisha to partying, this daughter of JCC founders Bishop Allan and Kathy Kiuna is never afraid of showing us her other side.

Stephanie Kiuna is living contrary to what her parents teach. As we all know, coming from a religious or rather a Christian family, one is supposed to live according to the bible teachings. You are not allowed to live in sin i.e drink alcohol and are expected to dress decently and be a role model, but this is slowly fading away. Nowadays, children of religious leaders are the ones who make controversial headlines. From Kathy Kiuna’s daughter Stephanie to Pastor Victor Kanyari’s daughter Starlet Wahu, they indeed preach water and drink wine.

KILA NYANI NA STAREHE ZAKE! Kathy Kiuna’s Daughter Caught On Camera At Night Doing This In The Streets

The religious power couple are blessed with three children; 2 daughters- Vanessa and Stephanie and a son Jeremy- who has cerebral palsy. Stephanie is the most popular, compared to the rest of the two. Her elder sister, Vanessa tied the knot last year in a glamorous invites only wedding.  Well, Stephanie seems to be enjoying life and her current photos suggest so.

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She looks healthy. She has really grown into a big woman. Maisha ni nzuri.