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A week ago, stunning KTN news anchor Joy Doreen Biira was arrested in Uganda and charged with “abetting terrorism” or something like that! SMH!!

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The sexy business news presenter and her fiancé Newton Kungu were arrested and locked up in police cells, for allegedly circulating photos and videos of fierce clashes in Uganda’s Kasese town. This was after Ugandan army officials raided her uncle’s home.

Doreen, a Ugandan national working in Kenya with the Standard Group media group, had travelled home with her fiancé, to formally introduce him to her family and hold a traditional wedding ceremony.

However, the couple was released from jail after spending an excruciating 24 hours behind bars.

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She has since narrated the shocking and humiliating treatment at the hands of the police. Doreen spoke during an interview on KTN, where she emotionally narrated the traumatizing experiences she went through in her home country.

She said that the humiliating moments were defined by threats, physical harassment and abusive remarks by the law enforcers.

The news anchor said that the police were brutal with her as they took her back to her uncle’s house to look for the camera and memory cards that she had used to record the fighting in Kasese.

“There is one who said ‘if you do not tell us where the cards are we could actually just finish you off. The faster you talk the faster this gets done’. One of them actually hit me with a gun and I fell to the ground,” said Doreen.

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She added that one of the police officers unzipped her blouse to “search” through her bra for the memory cards but to no avail.

“One of the officers said ‘take her and check her, check her private parts, we need to find those memory cards’,” she recalled.

She said that the incident was her first ever arrest and she believes she was a target after she revealed to the police that she was a journalist. One officer, she alleged, said that she was a prostitute masquerading as a journalist.

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