Award-winning rapper Brian Ouko Omollo, better known as Khaligraph Jones, fueled rumors that he has been bleaching his skin after appearing on NTV last night.

The rumors started when he posed for a photo with renowned publicist Anyiko Owoko more than a fortnight ago.

Inquisitive fans decided to put him to task on whether he has been lightening his skin as he appeared ‘browner’ than the Khaligraph that they know.

Others, however, dismissed the bleaching rumors as cheap talk. Some of his fans said that their favorite rapper looked like that because the photo had been “excessively filtered”.

Khaligraph remained mum on the matter and people were beginning to forget about it until he appeared on “The Trend” last night for an interview.

During the show, some viewers noticed that his face looked lighter than his hands. Maybe it   was caused by the studio lights, just maybe.

But in his defense, Khaligraph said he has not bleached his skin. He added that he’s much more comfortable than he was before because he drinks clean water and avoids the sun.

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