Political big wigs are converging at Kabarnet Gardens to pay their final tributes to the second Kenyan president Daniel Troitich Arap Moi.

Moi is set to be buried on February 22, 2020, but before then, family and friends are meeting at his home.

Moi moved into the Kibera based posh homestead when Kenya’s first president Jomo Kenyatta appointed him his third VP in 1967.

When he became acting President before being fully installed as Kenya’s second head of state in October 1978, following the demise of the founding father, he moved to State House.

‘By death, I shall escape from death,’ Moi’s last dying wish

Moi, however, did not vacate the house for Mwai Kibaki, who he had appointed his Vice President.

Kabarnet Gardens areal view
Kabarnet Gardens areal view

This was the case with the subsequent holders of the office of the VP, and the place ended up being Moi’s private home.

In his entire 24-year-reign as President, Moi operated from State House during the day but retreated to his Kabarnet ‘own home’ in the evening.

“Not a single day for all the time I knew him and worked with him did he ever sleep in State House. He retreated to Kabarnet Gardens whenever he was in Nairobi, and Kabarak when in Nakuru,” former State House Comptroller Franklin Bett was quoted as saying on Tuesday.

‘To accept life you must accept death,’ Mzee Moi’s last words

Yesterday, Ruto visited Moi’s family at Kabarnet Gardens where he said, ” We are the people we are today because of Retired President Daniel Arap Moi; he had the vision, acumen, thorough knowledge and unmatched will in tackling our problems.”

Adding, “Mzee Moi was evidently a hero to many; he mentored his immediate and extended family. We have therefore lost not just an exemplary leader but also a father-figure. We share your sorrow and the Government stands with the Moi family during this grieving period.”

During his visit, we got to see the inside of the palatial homestead at Kabarnet Gardens, Nairobi County.

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Check out the photos from inside the house from when DP Ruto had gone to condole with the family.

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