2016 has been a great year, we have seen many prove us wrong in the music industry. Some were nowhere to be seen and heard from while others rose to fame thanks to their creativity. Has-beens like Nyashinski made a comeback to the music industry and so far he is doing great. We also saw upcoming musicians work hard and give us their best.

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But to some, it was a year full of nightmares. Their songs never saw the light. Maybe because of poor quality videos,  the nonsensical music they made among other things. Well, from Sauti Sol’s Kuliko Jana to Nyashinski’s Mungu Pekee, here are the top 25 best Kenyan music video of 2016.

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  1. Kuliko Jana – Sauti Sol

2. Wabe – Gabu & Frasha ft DJ Joe Mfalme


3. Now You Know – Nyashinski

4. Nyashinski – Mungu Pekee

5. Gudi Gudi –

6. Bank Otuch

7. Unconditionally Bae

8. Micasa Sucasa – Khaligraph Jones

9. GOTA – Victoria Kimani

10. Mafeelings – Dela

11. Inaweza – Timmy T-dat

12. Pilau Njeri – Femi One


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13. NAKUAHIDI – Gilad ft Dela

14. Bazo Kizo – Collo

15. Mwema – Mercy Masika

16. Hadi Lini – Wahu  & Sudi Boy ft DJ CReme De La Creme

17. TENDA WEMA – Ringtone ft Christina Shusho

18. Tempo Remix – Dufla Diligon ft Cindy Sanyu

19. Gini ft wyre

20. Papa – King Kaka ft Elani

21. Rongai – Serro

22. Shoulder Back  – Redsan

23. Story Yangu – Bahati & Denno

24. Taboo – Phy

25. Give it to me – Alothee ft Flavour


26. Dela ft H_art the band