Boda Boda

Most of you may not know this, but there is a growing trend that has me worried.

Some single Kenyan women who are stable financially are now turning to boda-boda men and security guards/watchmen for sexual satisfaction.

So, here is a case where a lady has a good job that pays well, is single and lives alone.

Yet she does not want the burden or restrictions that come with being in a committed long term relationship.

Such women claim that men have become complicated and that there are no good ones left to settle down with.

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Boda-boda-workshopSo these women, mostly living in Nairobi’s posh estates are now going after security men and boda-boda guys for ‘lungula’. It’s never about dating or company, just the ‘D’.

I was a bit perturbed by this realization, especially because an independent woman should not find it hard to get a classy bachelor to hang out with or have a good time.

Don’t get me wrong; these boda boda riders and watchmen are not at all complaining about the sudden attention they are receiving from women. The benefit for them is beyond the sex; they get to pocket some cash as well from the trysts.

boda bodaWell, I sought to find out why this previously choosy women with class are now seeking satisfaction from men outside their high social class.

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Here are some of the reasons I got for this somewhat weird trend.

1. No Commitments
Such ladies do not want a man who will crowd their space by demanding too much or someone who might want to settle down at the end of the day. All she wants is to satisfy her sexual desires and off he goes, most of the time he will not even sleepover unless she wants another dose in the morning. But even when he does, he has to be out by 5 in the morning.

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2. She Is In Control
She is the one who determines how this plan works out since she is the one with the mullah.

She will arrange the meeting time, where to pick him up or how he will get to her place and the amount she’s willing to offer.

The boda-boda or security guy can’t push her around the way a boyfriend would since she is the one driving the Mercedes-Benz and living in a posh house.



3. They Are Easily Disposable
When she gets tired of his sex and cuddles, it’s simply a matter of cutting off the ties, even through a text.

The guy understands that in this arrangement, anything can happen. Some women only want a one night stand.

It’s a matter of how long she wants him around, and once she’s bored or done with that, it’s time to hit the road.


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4. The ‘Boda’ Men Are Mostly From Tribes Known To Be Good In Bed

No, don’t make that face, this is true.

Most of the boda boda guys are known to be Luhyas, Luos, Kisiis and a few Kambas, known for their stamina and technique in between the sheets.

For such a lass, it’s better to have a not so well off guy, but one who will give her an orgasm.


5. Such Men Don’t Care Much About Her Physical Appearance
A boda-boda or security guy is not bothered by the fact that the woman has cellulite or a big belly, or the fact that her ass ain’t as big as Vera Sidika’s.

For them, having such a woman even for one night is a big deal, something they know they can’t get in a million years if it was not for the lady making the first move. So, he won’t judge or give her a weird look once they get down to some real action.


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