Charleen Ruto dancing

Deputy President William Ruto’s children are very different from their counterparts. The four children are very social and from attending church services, public events, sports matches to strolling on public beaches, Ruto’s children wow man by their behaviors.

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Well, one of DP’s daughters Charlene has left Kenyans wowed after a video of her dancing went viral. Charlene and her friend were dancing to Moji Short Babaa’s new song Vimbada featuring Jabiddi.

Moji Short Babaa of former Kelele Takatifu group asked his fans to join the #VimbadaChallenge by recording a video dancing to his new song and using a hashtag #VimbadaChallenge.

Ruto’s daughter was among them and she really got the moves.

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Check out the video

Kenyans have reacted to the rich kid dancing and below are some of the comments

Nthenya: 🔥🔥 Charlene can actually dance 😁😁

Alex_kish: Haki wanavibada vizuri

Seanmuigai: Mimi naona mtoto wa ruto vp

Abbyngendo: @mojishortbabaa is that Charleen Ruto??😇😱

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