Forget his Kayole accent, gospel singer DK Kwenye beat seems to have a friendly touch with his kitchen.

He hit the headlines with his song Furi Furi featuring another controversial artiste Jimmy Gait where the lad was too tiny, then money and fame came in and changed everything. He then graced our TV screens with his song Sari Sari which was a jaw dropping experience as fans got shocked over his massively added weight.

dk kwenye beat

The Asusu hit maker has since then grown even bigger with fans getting used to it by now, it seems his very die hard fans want him to cut that extra fat. Will DK give up all the junk and get to the gym?


The lad must be doing well after he flaunted his grills that he alleged were worth Ksh.200,000. Did i mention his fake American accent? After a long silence from the music scene, the lad is back with an accent that seems to be an epic fail. He must have spend a night in the states to acquire such!

dk kwenye beat 1

Lets say these “expensive” grills could buy this lad a tummy trimmer, slim tea and a professional trainer. Somebody needs to shed these love handles!

dk kwenye beat

Here are some fan’s reaction to his expensive grills;

“georgie_wambuguIf this is what God has done you really need prayers. Be natural…saidia wenye wanakufa njaa.

evewanjiraYou really losing it,I think you would have done something better with you money,you just so fake right now moja ingekua smart!! But chunga kupanua mdomo ovyo vyo ndio utajua jiji ina wenyewe wanaweza pita hadi na lips ????????????????”