Jimmy Gait has released a hot new track. No, it is not Mbinguni Hakuna Nominations, its dubbed Love.

A song dedicated to all his haters.

Well, the Muhadhara hitmaker seems to have gone the Bahati-Diana Marua way of releasing music. By using his rumoured girlfriend as his video vixen.

This bachelor was recently seen getting romantic with one Samantha Nyanchama the CEO of Human Hair Kenya.

In an Instagram story, Nyanchama posted a photo of the two and wrote;

“Prayer Partners”

This catalysed the rumours even more and to add fuel to this hot… H.O.T news, proof to this news, Jimmy Gait has used her as video vixen in his new song Love. The tittle tells it all, there is love in the air!

Wacheni Ujinga, Sina Prayer Partner! Jimmy Gait Sets the Record Straight

jimmy gait and bae1

After releasing the songs Yesu Ndie Sponsor and Cool Your Temper, fans have been trolling Jimmy Gait asking him to release other songs with funny tittles.

Jimmy Gait is a popular act who has been trolled on numerous occasions online due to his choice of song titles. Some of the song titles that have been suggested for him by KOT include;

  1. Patia shetani blue ticks
  2. Mbinguni hakuna strike
  3. Mbiguni hakuna tear gas
  4. Kwa Yesu hakuna D Minus
  5. Flagbearer Ni Yesu
  6. Yesu Hacancel Nominations
  7. Choma Dormitory Ya Shetani
  8. Yesu Ndiye Prayer Partner Wa Ukweli
  9. Yesu Ndio Unga
  10. Maombi TIBIM.

Mbinguni Hakuna Mahater! Jimmy Gait Set To Hold Press Conference For Haters

Jimmy Gait has combined all these and put it in a song. I must say he has good vocals.

Here is the song, look keenly you’ll see Jimmy Gaits prayer partner;