Otile Brown

Otile Brown and Vera have decided to let us all into their personal life.

Ilianza na kaselfie and now kazi nikulamba tu lolo.

But the one thing that may be a disadvantage to Otile Brown is that he had decided he will be the submissive man to Vera Sidika.

Otile Brown and Vera Sidika

I am sure you are asking how now? Well, we gat you with pictorial evidence.

Here are just 5 reasons why Otile Brown amekaliwa chapo.

  1. He has not gone home ever since their ‘We-are-BFFs’, announcement

So when it hit the interwebs that the two have been seen together, this was followed by lots of video evidence. Jaws dropped.  If you didn’t get a glimpse of that, read here. So anyway, Otile has not gone home ever since. All the posted videos are of them in her bed.

Otile brown and Vera Sidika
Otile brown and Vera Sidika in bed

2. He wears her clothes

Otile Brown enjoying some fresh air at Vera Sidika’s balcony while using her laptop. Now there is this one bathroom robe Otile Brown has been rocking in the mornings after a night of lovemaking. Anyhow, it looks like they are now at the sharing clothes stage of their relationship, I bet they share a toothbrush too.

3. Anaendesha gari ya Vera

We noticed this when they were going to an after party right after Otile’s interview at Kiss TV, he drove her car and this has been the norm ever since. He has been spotted driving her Range Rover abandoning his Toyota.

4. Using Vera’s Mac Book

The first day Otile  raised eyebrows was when we first spotted him working on Vera’s pink Mac Book Air. Clearly, he is not leaving that house anytime soon.

5. Eating her mashakura

This is the epitome of a relationship. I mean a wife would cook some boiled food and then force you to eat and after you are done, it is your duty as her man to brand her a ‘good cook’ ati, wife material.

I do hope these guys are in a serious relationship because Otile Brown is really going through a hell lot to make her happy.

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