President Uhuru Kenyata
President Uhuru Kenyata caught up in Nairobi traffic

President Uhuru Kenyatta was this afternoon caught in the Nairobi traffic.

Uhuru, who was driving a heavy machine; a Mercedes G-Wagon had his window almost halfway opened, was approached by an elderly woman.

In the photo, the elderly woman seems to be speaking to the president as he listened.

Dennis Itumbi shared the photo and captioned it:

When the President is caught up in traffic as he enjoys a drive in the city.

President Uhuru Kenyata
President Uhuru Kenyata caught up in Nairobi traffic

The photo elicited mixed reactions with many commenting about Uhuru’s security.

Check out the comments:

Karinga Ngumi How does he feel when he sees grown up begging in a country where 15Trillion stolen from Kenya is idling in offshore accounts?

Fredrick Nkuyayu The most humble president ever, God bless him abundantly

Waweru Muturi I wish he could be driving the economy well, but again he has stuck it just as he has been stuck in traffic

Careylov Man of the people… People’s president, lakini security yake muhimu pia…..

Ngugi Isaac Meaning he is doing a PR since security and media are not far from him..

Gladys Nyambura Very Risky. Putting his security’s job at risk. Their job must be very very hard.

Shiko Lydiah Steve What??? Tupatane tu hivyo ,within 2 mins angenisaidia mpaka kubeba shida za nyanyangu😂😂😂

Peter Mutie Driving in the city in a military grade Merc G. The insecurity in the cirry (city) is worrying!!!

Nicole Joanne I invite him to enjoy the drive with us tommorow morning via Thika road to CBD. Until you have truly gone thru the struggles a common mwananchi goes thru, from healthcare, education and even affording to put food on the table, YOU DON’T RELATE at all to a common Kenyan!!

E.njomo This is so fantastic. At times it is good to break away from protocol and enjoy leisure

Benjah_flyboy Holl’up. Did u just use the word enjoy in the same statement with Nairobi-traffic 😒

Keem_money Wow! In a G-Wagon 😎🔥🔥 I would go insane if I spotted him in traffic 😂

Sarah Kajeru Wainaina Security is ALWAYS JUST AROUND ABOUT him … Anyway, would love to bump into him 😊