K24’s news anchor, Ian Wafula is taken!

He has been on the same boat with Larry Madowo. This two are considered the handsome men of TV but we have never seen their significant others.

Larry Madowo has been trolled for the longest time as fans ask him to show us his bae. This got us thinking, if the fans are giving him this much pressure, sembuse familia?

After all the pressure, Larry Madowo finally addressed the situation saying he has never found the one for him. I would understand his struggle because he is a public figure.

So finding one who loves you, for you, is hard. Most of them would love him for his status.

Larry Madowo


Ian Wafula has gone through the same. Many people questioning what his plan is when it comes to the woman of his life. He is a very able man getting a woman is not that hard.

He has been on vacay with friends and we thought exactly that, it was just friends. He surprised us with a picture on social media of him kissing a certain Miss.

We could not see her face but the picture of him and two other guys gave a close look at his new bae aka the woman warming his bed.

This months weather Calls for one to have a significant other in the bed. Sheets will not warm themselves, abi.

And Ian Wafula is already sorted.

He doesn’t give away too much of his social life details to the public, but this time I guess he decided to shut those trolls with photo evidence.

‘I’m Single Because I’ve Never Found Someone Who Can Put Up With Me’ Larry Madowo Fan Forces Him To Admit

The two took a beach shot of them bout to give each other a very hot, hot kiss of love. As I always say, love wins!

Ian Wafula has broken many women hearts who have been admiring him since he joined K24 alongside Amina Abdi.

Meet Ian Wafula’s bae:

The last time Ian Wafula was a topic of discussion was when he was robbed. He was conned when he was trying to upgrade his car.

“Very often social pressure and expectations force us to hide behind our jobs; that our lives are perfect, free of baggage. NO. It has been a depressing couple of months after a car I owned for a whole year become subject of investigations. Traded in my Toyota Axio for a VW Jetta at a Car Bazaar on Ngong Rd owned by this guy here Collins Bootsy Muraya and instead, he did not remit the money to the Original Jetta owner. The owner, in turn, claims that’s after Collins vanished he sold the car to his Lawyer who had eyed it and the two managed to change its ownership; all this while I was in possession of the car. Police suspect foul play but until investigations are done all I have are many unanswered questions. Thousands of innocent buyers fall in the hands of such individuals, especially we young people; don’t too caught up in excitement while purchasing an asset be keen to check the Car history with KRA before checking with NTSA’s portal which I have since learned is highly temperable. As it stands I might have just lost two cars in essence. Stay Woke.”

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