Mapenzi kizungumkuti! After divorcing her long term husband, Lady Jaydee introduced another love of her life, a Nigerian lad identified by the name Spicy.

The two showered fans with sexy photos on social media showing how much they were head over heels in love with each other. Well, it seems reality is here and the two are breaking up, love must have turned sour.

Jay Dee wrote;

lady jay coveerr

“Ni Kweli niliamua kuondoka, nikidhani nitapendwa niendako,HAKUNA,Nilidhani nitakuta tofauti yoyote mpaka sasa sijaona”

Recently, Lady Jaydee on her social media was spotted saying that she thought she had found love but to her surprise it was no difference from her past marriage. The bongo flava artiste divorced her ex husband over what was termed as domestic violence and then released a break up song dubbed Ndi Ndi Ndi which evidently was directed to her ex.

She would immediately introduce Spicy to her fans as her lover and the two would even collaborate in a love song dubbed Together. Spicy and the Bongo queen met in South Africa at a music event and before they knew it, they were already in love. Lets call it failed love at first sight.

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So, Jay Dee, should we wait for another break up song? Or maybe another man will be in the picture after Spicy.