Media personality Betty Kyallo is thanking her God after she narrowly escaped a road accident.

She was narrating this ordeal of nearly ramming into an ambulance in one of Nairobi’s busy roads, in her popular YouTube channel dubbed Betty Kyallo Lately.

The narrow escape happened as Betty was driving towards a junction after the traffic lights had signalled for her to enter the junction.

She says out of the blue, an ambulance zoomed across the road in front of her car.

Thankfully she rammed on the brakes and brought her vehicle to a screeching halt.

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This moved saved her and the two passengers in the car from a freak accident that could have ended badly.

“My heart is beating, the ambulance just came from nowhere. It came from a corner and I could not see it,” she told the two passengers in the car.”


“I had the right of way but that ambulance guy just came from a corner, I did not see him.”

The gravity of what had just happened hit one of the passengers who then said,

“That could have ended badly!”

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