Otoyo and Njoro

Multitalented Papa Shirandula’s actor Njoro is a great example of grass to grace.

From earning Sh500 for sustenance to selling sweets, to not having money to pay rent, Njoro recently shared his journey to stardom, leaving his followers touched.

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Well, Njoro and Captain Otoyo were on Bonga na Jalas TV, where they vividly talked about their friendship and journey in the acting industry as well as remembering Papa Shirandula.

Njoro revealed that at one point he crashed Captain Otoyo’s new red Wingroad car and it was written off.

Speaking about the incident, Jalang’o narrated how they received sad news about Njoro’s accident near Museum Roundabout while at the Kenya National Theatre.

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He was afraid to face Otoyo, so he ran away and while in Ngara he sent him a message, telling him to tell his family that he was no more.

tafadhali Otoyo ambia familia yangu sio kupenda kwangu, nimejinyonga . Nawapenda. Otoyo najua nimekukosea. Na akazima simu,’ Otoyo and Jalang’o recalled.

After he sent the text message, Njoro confessed that he threw the sim card away.

“I chewed my sim card and  threw it away in case wajaribu kunitafuta,” he recalled.

Njoro also revealed that there was a time Jalang’o  told him to remove his muddied shoes before getting into his Toyota Starlet.

Wacha siku moja aniambie nitoe viatu kumenyesha na nimemwambia aniweke pangani.

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