Size 8 and DJ Mo

Dear celebrities, before you step out, make sure you take another look at yourself in the mirror. You are role models or rather trendsetters and when it comes to fashion, please always be on top of things or else, you’ll be left embarrassed and humiliated after stepping out in public.

Wardrobe Malfunction Leaves Controversial Socialite Risper Faith’s Camel Toe Exposed (PHOTOS)

Well, gospel singer Size 8 recently shared a photo posing with her husband, DJ Mo and she posed a question to her fans asking them whether her bae was tall or short.

DJ Mo and Size 8

“This my husband is tall waaaaaaa ama ni mimi mfupi 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 @djmokenya #mcm.”

Little did she know that DJ Mo had a wardrobe malfunction. Kenyans on social media went ahead to attack the power couple with some claiming that DJ Mo should resist wearing cheap things and upgrade his wardrobe. Others even begged Size 8 to go back to the house and ‘cool down’ the msolokombo because ‘it was misbehaving in public.’


Here are some of the nasty comments

Jose Maish: DJ Moh ndio atapiga parapanda siku ya mwisho

Grace Wambui: Sasa unapost pic ya hubby kama amefura apo kwa zip tuone nini?ama ni urefu ya nini unasema?

Ade’llah Myak: Si wako chonjo!! Itabidi umerudi ndani ukasort that your tall husband.

Wamuyu Gachigo: Can You Go back in the house and milk that Cock dry.

Purity Mumbua: Welcome to Kenya where women will complain ooh hio ni toothpick ooh nkikohoa kanachomoka….ooh cjui ilieda ikarudi sasaaa mlikua mnataka dj avae skirt ndo tusijue pia yy ni dume??? Acha nitoke mbio…

Juliana Olayo: Ambia DJ Mo akavae boxers expensive….. Hii ya muthurwa ina onyesha msolokobo. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Daizzy Kolman: DJ Mo Amebeba akabebea hadi Jirani🤔🤔waaah una kazi ngumu Namba nane. Najua haukosangi Nduru😃

Irungu Christine: I remember our science teacher told us the pointer is always pointing at the eater I salute my teacher coz I see it applies everywhere

Ivan: No wonder your hubby anaitwa Mo’……. It definitely means more, go back inside and give him Mo” (more)

Harriet JC: Yes your husband d*k looks stretched and horny ndo maana iko tall I advise you to just go back in the bedroom n give it to him I mean sipoto before team slaying queens deals with it .thank me later mama Wambo

Shah Hulk Wekuh: DJ Mo just has a good d**k.. The trouser is just a little bit tight and nothing is wrong… Nawapenda.

Jeff Cy: My role model has always been Nameless and Wahu,you will never find them regularly posting their private stuff in social media. Hii yenu hata kama ni uceleb,matokea mnayaona sasa

Spaky Spakz: Wololoh, macho yangu inaona your husband is tall everywhere

Ann Grace Chege: Vindu vitall ,vindu vikubwa….but you always brag with your hubby,you are not the first to get married… Nameless na wahu wako tu na hawasumbui kama calm your tirries sister

Teibut Kipz: Dj mo have a d**k more than 8cm givng to size 8 more than 8 times a day,calculate then number of times size 8 recves a dig per week? (8 mrks)
Babake AJ I totally understand the struggle to conceal an erection in public. Don’t judge them, struggle is real for us.

Geoggys: Infact he has a “long future” ahead…

Shazray: DJ Mo atleast it is pointing in the right direction😂😂😂

Nyamai: jamaa ana erect mchana akikushika kwani ukumpea usiku

Geoffreyokwemba: Hubby mtree iko chonjo kabsa

Veey: Burungo iko chonjo

Mueny Eunik: After all these comments am sure you will learn to keep your life private, because everything is tall from all the comments