Amber Ray
Amber Ray in Santorini

The last time Ms Amber Ray was on our lips, it was because she had been taken to Santorini Greece by a married artiste by the name of Syd. And the pair made quite the scandalous couple as they even went out partying at a popular strip club in celebration of the release of his song, Mimi na we.

As soon as the song was released, we have seen neither hide nor hair of Ms Amber Ray and today I found myself wondering what the mother of one has been up to with her time. I took a quick gander at her IG and found out that one impressive thing she has been able to do is launching her own lipstick line, Zumaridi Uzuri.

Aside from that, she has been living her best life on social media posting images of herself just chilling. Check out how life has been treating her since she left Santorini, Greece: