Yesterday was a big day for Kenya and as a Windows Phone user, I could not afford to miss out!

Microsoft’s Global CEO Satya Nadella was in the country for the launch of Windows 10. This is the best version of the OS just yet. Kenya was among the 10 countries participating in the launch yesterday. The event took place at Arboretum between 7 and 9 pm.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella addressing the audience during the Windows 10 launch

“Windows 10 to me is not just another release of Windows; it’s the start of a new generation of Windows,” said Satya.

He is the second CEO to run the Global PC and Software giant. Previously, Steve Ballmer held the position from 2000 to 2014.

The event yesterday saw Kenyans from various walks of life grace the event. From company CEOs to Media professionals, the event packed.

“It is built for this era of personal computing. If one thing is gonna be true in the years to come, we’re gonna have more computing with us. We’re gonna have sensors, PCs, tablets. holographic computing…and Windows 10 is built for all the devices in our lives,” he added.

Microsoft Kenya country manager Kunle Awosika was the one who declared Windows 10 live in Kenya. The audience got to check out the new devices and the brilliant OS they brought with them. Some of the notable improvements in this version of Windows is that it is more fluid. It also has minimal bugs and the navigation is easier; courtesy of the return of the launch button.

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