Size 8 praying

Size 8 is releasing an album to celebrate seven years in salvation.

Speaking exclusively to Mpasho after the release of her first song from the album, Yahweh, Size 8 described the piece as a thanksgiving.

The song is was written by Sol Generation’s Bien and Bensoul.

“The album Neema Tu has seven songs as I celebrate seven years of serving God,” she said.

“As a result of all God has done for me this far. Out of gratitude towards His doing in my life, we went out together [and] did an album titled Neema Tu.”

“The main message is to appreciate God for the journey since I was young. The song was written by Bien and Bensoul and they were just too amazing,” she said.

Size 8 said the song is dear and close to her heart.

“I cry every time I listen to it. God has brought me from far. There are so many things He has done yet I’m not the best,” she said.

“My babies are both miracles. Endorsements just keep following me. I love my God so much.

“I was sick to the extent I could not come out of bed but God still saved me.”

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Yahweh has been well received by fans and it’s already trending on YouTube.

One follower, Sofi Sumbeiwa, describes Size 8 as a fighter: “If you heard her story you know what am saying.”

This is Size 8’s second project celebrating her salvation journey.

The first was a documentary aired on NTV two weeks ago. The documentary takes viewers through her journey since her days of doing secular music.