Steve Mbogo

After an explosive Mpasho News expose slammed Steve Mbogo for being a fraud, he has embarked on a PR campaign to ‘clear his name’. Well, he ran an advert today in one of the local dailies saying that what has been seen in communication platforms is entirely untrue.

He has now decided to……

“put the record straight about my life and business engagements.”

As Mpasho News highlighted, the awards, businesses and academic qualifications listed in his now unavailable biography were made up or copy pasted. Why would he take down the biography if it was entirely true? So in the statement, he says that he became a businessman in high school, however, he did not state what it is he did exactly.

BURE KABISA! Fast Rising Kenyan Politician Hon. Steve Mbogo Exposed For The Fraud He Is (EVIDENCE)

He listed his mentors; some of the information included in the release is entirely new and was not in his biography. He however maintains that he has studied in several universities abroad, including Cairo University in Egypt and University of South Australia.

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