alvan Gatitu alias Alvan Love

Over the weekend Kenyans from all walks of life came together to help former Tusker Project Fame star Alvan Gatitu after he was kicked out of his house.

He was kicked out for failing to pay rent for the last couple of months.

Watch the video below.

Below are some of the lessons we can learn from his story.

1. Strangers are more willing to will help you quicker than family/friends

Alvan narrated that he had reached out to some of his friends and they could not help.

Another friend even asked the watchman not to open the gate when he knocks.

Luckily for him Kenyans came to his aid.

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2. Talking about your issues helps

Alvan is considered a celeb, having have featured in the prominent Tusker Project Fame reality TV show.

But he chose to talk about his struggles regardless of the embarrassment it may have caused him.

3. Celebs struggle just like everyone else

One would imagine that since one is a celeb they do not suffer but that is far from the truth.

Alvan said that one can trend and still have nothing I the pocket, and that his life was at that exact point.

So just because someone is a celeb don’t put unrealistic expectations on them.

Former Tusker Project Fame participant Alvan Gatitu left homeless over unpaid rent

4. Every dog has it’s day

No one ever pictures themselves going through problems but shit happens.

And when it does it does not choose who it affects, so be careful how you relate with people. You may need them later on in life.

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