Bishop Allan Kiuna has opened up about his ordeal undergoing cancer treatment.

In a Facebook post, Kiuna took his fans through his painful ordeal.

“Last year around this time, I was going through a healing process after having undergone chemotherapy as I fought with Multiple Myloma,” Kiuna wrote on Facebook.

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The couple together

“I couldn’t figure out whether to walk on or off the carpet couldn’t walk much because of the immense pain on my feet. But throughout the process, God’s word was my source of supernatural strength and the anchor on which I placed my faith because God does NOT FAIL. God helped me to be at rest in the middle of the storm.”

He added, “When my hair fell off, my skin became dark and my body started giving in, I kept decreeing the promises of God. Today by God’s grace I ran 10kms near the Aegean sea in Istanbul in 1 and half hours 💪🏼💪🏼and next year same time I will run 10kms in 59.40. VISION 2020😂 #NoHumanIsLimited.”

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Kathy Kiuna and her hubby Allan Kiuna

He continued, “I can testify that I am totally healed, totally whole, totally restored, I have seen the healing power of God. And I pray for whoever is going through any health issue, I pray for strength in your heart and body, I pray for comfort, for peace and great health. May the God of heaven change your story and give you a miracle.”

In conclusion, Kiuna praised his God.

“He is a miracle-working God who has promised to restore your health because Jesus has already paid the price for your healing. I decree with long life He shall satisfy you and show you His salvation. I decree as I have testified, you too, YOU SHALL TESTIFY!”

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