They live and dine at the finest of establishments. Their drive the latest luxury machines. They are the Kenyan rich gang.

However, this group of people have been dragged to court for various reasons that cast aspersions on the source of their wealth.

Most of these Kenyans are living a flashy lifestyle but their source of wealth has seen them arrested, and taken to court.

Jared Otieno with Rick Ross
Jared Otieno with Rick Ross

Below are Kenyans who are living a dripping lifestyle but are dogged with lawsuits over their source of wealth.

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1. Kevin Obia

His flashy and ostentatious lifestyle is envied by many but so far, he has been charged for fraud.

He is currently facing a charge of allegedly pretending that he could sell 7kg of gold to a Gallati for which he obtained the Sh13.7 million during a meeting but failed to deliver.

In March 2019 he was arrested for pulling out a gun in public and threatening a security guard in Kileleshwa during a row over a parking spot.

Kevin Obia

Mr Obia appeared before Milimani Court Senior Principal Magistrate Peter Ooko over the incident and was charged with two counts of threatening to kill and behaving disorderly while carrying a firearm.

He was charged that on March 16, 2019, at Vue Claire Place on Siaya road, he threatened to kill Yohana Imbwaka, a security guard, without lawful excuse and while armed with a pistol.

On the second count, the flashy “businessman” was accused of behaving disorderly by removing the firearm and pointing it to Mr. Imbwaka.

Flamboyant business man Kevin Obia shows off his fleet of cars worth billions

According to reports, Mr Yohana Imbwaka requested Obia – who was visiting a friend at the apartments – not to park at a parking lot reserved for tenants and directed him to the visitors parking area.

The suspect allegedly refused to adhere to the request and went ahead to park on the reserved parking lot before turning hostile.

Mr Obia denied the charges and was released on a cash bail of Ksh.500, 000 with an alternative bond of Ksh. 1 million.

Kevin Obia


2. Jared Otieno

Jared is remembered by many for his flamboyance during the payment of dowry for his fiancée in Meru where the group drove in a motorcade of high-end guzzlers.

Away from the wedding, Jared Otieno has been in and out of court over fraud cases alleged to involve hundreds of millions of shillings.

In May, he was charged with obtaining Sh300 million from Sounthorn Chanthavong, a director of Simoung Group Company, claiming that he would sell him gold.

His recent luxury buy included a custom made Porsche Panamera (2015) – said to have cost Sh30 million.

According to The Standard, court documents filed by the Asset Recovery Agency reveal the “price on the road” for the Bentley is $453,897 (Sh47 million).

Tycoon Jared Otieno wants his gold back

Jared Otieno and his wife

The 2018 Bentley Continental GT cost that much because Mr Otieno ordered exclusive accessories to suit his flamboyant lifestyle.

Jared was jailed sometime this year, after businessmen from Australia and Latin America filed a case calling for his arrest.

Jared Otieno's Mansion in Karen
Jared Otieno’s Mansion in Karen
Jared Otieno's Mansion in Karen
Jared Otieno’s Mansion in Karen
Jared Otieno's Porshe and Bentley
Jared Otieno’s Porshe and Bentley

Businessman Jared Otieno in September filed an application seeking to block the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) and Attorney General from attaching his property in the Ksh300 million fraud case.

3. Paul Kobia

Paul Kobia’s brush with the law was in 2010.

Businessman Paul Kobia was in June 2019 among 13 other people arraigned in court in connection with the Sh173 million Dubai gold deal.

State Prosecutor Duncan Ondimu told the court that between October 7, 2018, and April 25, 2019, Italiana Antonio, the director of Iron &Steel DMCC in Dubai came to Kenya and was lured to a house in Nairobi’s Riverside Drive where he was told that pure gold was.

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Paul Kobia 
Mr Antonio’s company is involved in buying and selling of gold and during the transactions, he lost $1,198,000 (Sh119.8 million).
It is alleged that Kobia dealt with the complainant during the transaction with the assistance of his team and another who is still at large.
According to sources Kobia has a missing finger on his left hand, claimed to have been chopped off by business rivals.
In August 2018, Kobia allegedly threatened President Uhuru’s private secretary Jomo Gecaga asking him never to step foot in Meru for allegedly blocking him from accessing State House.
According to Daily Nation Kobia was In March 2017, Kobia was arrested and arraigned for assaulting a Congolese man identified as Blanchard Londole in  Kilimani, Nairobi.
Police said Kobia abducted Londole and assaulted him claiming that he owed him Sh40 million.
In 2015, Kobia made national headlines after reports went round that he had confessed to killing former Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s son, Fidel.
The reports were later dismissed by the police who clarified that Kobia was receiving psychiatric treatment.
In September 2014, after bragging that he would teach Raila a lesson Kobia was stopped by Raila’s bodyguards after he tried to storm a city hotel where the ODM leader was having lunch.
In  November 2011 Kobia was mentioned in a 392-page UN report on gold smuggling.
In 2010, he was arrested and charged with pretending to sell 825kg of gold and obtaining Sh17.4 million from a South African identified as Dennis Ray.
Police officers have confiscated three different guns from him in three incidents. The businessman has hinted he will run for the presidency in 2022.
4. Joseph Waswa alias ‘Fake Uhuru’
The 33-year-old man was accused of mimicking President Uhuru Kenyatta’s voice and swindled tycoon Naushad Merali of Sh80 million, is a controversial and scandal-ridden fake millionaire.

Waswa was the darling of many due to his charity donations, through the Lendrix Foundation.

He has donated millions of shillings to construct schools across Bungoma county.

Little do villagers know that their benefactor also runs, or ran, an elaborate scam that conned many Kenyans of their hard-earned cash.

Industrialist Merali, whom he suckered in by Waswa who mimicked President Kenyatta. He is just one of many innocent Kenyans who have suffered.

His journey came to an end after Waswa and his accomplices were arrested in February 2019.

Wajanjez hodari: Kenyans who’ve been accused of conning people

According to court papers, investigators were seeking to establish whether the con game had other players, including State House staff.

In court today the prosecution asked the court to allow police to detain the seven suspects arrested on February 22-23 for 10 days but the court rejected the request and freed them without bail or bond.

They were, however, be required to appear in court for the case.

Milimani Senior Principal Magistrate Peter Ooko heard that Sameer Africa Chairman Naushad Merali got a call from 0722 208842 and the caller identified himself as President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The caller had the same voice and tenor as the President.

While seeking to detain the suspects for 10 days, Corporal James Mwangi narrated that the caller wanted Sameer chairman to give facilitation fees so that ‘State House’ would assist in the purchase of a piece of land.

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Mr Merali was not in the country so he directed Sameer Africa Finance Director Akif Hamid Butt to process the money, not knowing that the caller was duping him.

The court heard that Mr Butt was told that the money he was to wire was to buy land in Milimani, Nairobi County. Suspects went ahead and gave an Equity Bank account into which he wired Sh10 million.

 “The complainant (Butt) was contacted by fraudsters using several telephone numbers purportedly from President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The complainant realised he had been dealing with fraudsters after he had lost his Sh10 million,” said Mr Mwangi?

He ran charity initiatives, owns a fleet of four choppers and enjoys the high life and seemed every inch the big-hearted philanthropist.

Waswa was said to be eyeing the Bungoma Senate seat in 2022.
5. Jane Mugo
When she first became known by Kenyans many praised her for venturing into a field less trodden by men, a private investigator.
Fast forward Jane has been in and out of court after being accused of swindling, kidnapping and defrauding people.

In September 2019 the DCI wrote a tweet detailing some of the offences Ms Mugo is accused of committing.

“On 15th August 2019, Ms Jane Wawira Mugo while at New Muthaiga Estate (sic) drew a Pistol.

and threatened to KILL a man on allegations that he was spying for a relative of the Director in a Company where she was the Private Investigator,” read a tweet by the DCI.

Jane Mugo
In 2015, she was accused and charged with detaining a man for hours after forcing him to pay Sh440,000 to her.
Still, in 2015, Jane was accused of impersonating a person employed in the public service.
She stormed the office of the victim’s lawyer (the detained man’s lawyer) introducing herself as a police officer. She then searched the house and created a disturbance.
On September 18th 2019 Jane appeared before  Milimani court and was ordered to deposit a cash bail of Sh300,000 for her release.
Ms Mugo’s appearance in court came after she alleged that her life was in danger.