Huddah Monroe

Huddah Monroe is a foster parent to a girl for whom she pays school fees and caters for her basic needs. Yes, she’s not just a socialite but an entrepreneur with a heart.

The Huddah Cosmetic founder and CEO said the girl has a mother and she only helps out with the finances.

“I adopted the baby because I feel like kids are very fragile and the kid’s parents couldn’t afford to pay the school fees. I used to ask this kid ‘do you want to go to school?’ and I saw her dream; she really wanted to go to school. I took her, she’s still with the mother but I pay for school and stuff like that. I love kids. I have my own foundation, Huddah Foundation.”

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Adding, “I started Huddah Foundation so that half of the money goes to my foundation to help kids, especially those that are disabled.”

Huddah is currently in Dubai where she is waiting out the coronavirus pandemic. In a past social media post she wrote,

“When I was young … I’m from the ghetto, when we didn’t have anything to eat our parents would say they are going for a meeting and they’d come back with a sack of maize or beans or whatever to eat…

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“People these days just want to meet to claim they are in meetings, and to poke their nose [into] your business & take selfies … My people! I am not the type to go for meetings just to claim I am in meeting … tukutane saa zile deal imeiva (when the deal is ready) … imebaki tuu kusign contract and payment.

“No more meetings just to meet! Let me stay home and focus on bettering myself!”

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