4. Mustafa

Mr. Lipunda is one guy full of drama with such funny stories associated with him at any given time.

Colonel Mustafa

So what more do we expect other than him booking a lodging and not paying the bill.

Noti Flow Finally Reveals She’s Dating Colonel Mustafa

So from yesterday’s show on Nairobi D, ‘Tall Myama Everywhere’ was exposed by Mishy Dora on not paying a lodging fee of 3000ksh.


So Noti Flow could not make it for the reunion with reasons not known and people had so much to say about the people who were in absentia. When Mustafa was asked about his bitter breakup with Noti Flow aka Queen, he has so much bile in his speech.

He said,

Ukilengwa lengeka na ukiwachwa, achika!

Colonel Moustapha

He had a massive support system from Pendo, Aliptisum and Molly in his defence against Noti Flow. Mishy jumped with fresh new information saying that he slept with Noti and left her in the lodging and did not pay for it.

“Colonel Mustafa Akona Ka Sugar Mummy Shosho!” Noti Flow Reveals Damning Details

Mishy even said she sent Noti the money to bail her out from the bill. He of course defended himself and said that she probably conned her the 3000ksh.


He said:

Lazima mwanamke akuongelele, ukifanya vizuri wataongea kwa hivyo there is something i am doing right. so kuna mambo mengi nilifanya si lipunda tu

So basically Noti Flow is bitter because Mustafa left her for Aliiptisam and that’s why she has so much to say they claim might not be right.