On March 16, 2003 Kenya lost a music legend, Issah Mmari popularly known as E-Sir. 17 years down the line, his music still speaks to many and last week, Kenyans paid tribute to the legend.

The Moss Moss hit singer lost his life in a tragic road accident.

E-Sir died while on his way back to Nairobi from a concert in Nakuru. Nameless, one of Kenya’s legends in the music industry survived the tragic accident.

Well, E-Sir’s family including his mother, brother and sister shared details of what they remember about him an interview with comedian Daniel Ndambuki on Churchill show.

His mother said;

I used to tell him I don’t want him doing that job, doing music and playing the guitar. He told me that he will do something that I will see is important so i even went to the studio to see if indeed he plays the guitar.

He loved music

His brother said;

We used to go for dancing competititons when we were young because e my dad was into music.

The sister revealed how protective the singer was over her

We had serious conversations and we used to play,he used  to tell me about life and i’m able to apply that in life. I used to play with him. I miss that.

Alikua ananichunga sana. He was so good to me.

The brother added that he once got into trouble because of their sister,

Hata mimi ashainishika mashati juu yake.

He was a one of a kind guy. He used to write all his songs at 3 in the morning and he knew he was going to be a great person. His relationship with God was close thatu’s why even right now people remember him.


He will be remembered for hit songs like Moss Moss, Saree, Kamata, Leo Ni Leo, Maisha and the electric Bomba Train and many more.