Let me make this known to those who have no testicles and don’t know anything about them… There is nothing as physically painful to a man as hitting or squeezing his balls!!! I know all men are in agreement with me on this.

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Well, a certain Kenyan political party official has accused an honourable member of parliament of “squeezing” his balls. The incident, he alleges, was executed on the back seat of a pick-up truck.

Komesa Lupesia, the Ford Kenya chairman in Nairobi, has alleged that he was abducted, bundled up in a car and physically assaulted by among other people, Kwanza MP Ferdinand Wanyonyi, over his stand on party matters and plans to unseat Bungoma Senator and CORD co-principal Moses Wetangula.

See photos of the MP below:

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He says that, according to the Nairobian, the abduction incident happened in Thika during a failed political meeting on November 26, this year.

“They stopped along the road, dragged me to the back seat and terribly squeezed my valuables and bludgeoned me on the right hand with a rungu… I struggled to free myself but it was in vain. One of them hit me while the MP squeezed my balls with the other individuals saying they would finish me if I do not cooperate,” he said.

Komesa added that he was rescued from his tormentors by a policewoman. He reported the matter at Thika and Lang’ata Police Stations.

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A medical report indicated that the victim suffered from right scrotal swelling.