Khaligraph Jones

The OG Khaligraph Jones has narrated a time when he faced discrimination after he was told he couldn’t get a house in Lang’ata. The OG asked people on social media to also address issues of apartments in parts of Nairobi that only allow certain communities to rent or own.

He went on to narrate how he was denied an opportunity of getting a house in an Estate in Lang’ata.

Last year I went to Langata to inquire about some Nice houses I had seen on the Internet, after getting there we were prevented from Entering the Estate cause we were told we aren’t Indians, apparently only Indians can own property in That Area, Niljua Ni mazishi Nikarudi Kayole polepole. The OG was not respected

Nazizi agreed with Khaligraph and wrote on the comment section that

Yoooo word !!!! and this has been happening for such a looong time ! They say vegetarians only.. and even if ure vegetarian as long as u black hupati house

Tallia Oyando added

So true but why am I laughing at the OG was not respected 😂😂😂

We can simply say the OG has spoken for so many other people.


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