Celebrated footballer McDonald Mariga is still reeling in shock after he lost the battle for Member of Parliament, Kibra to Imran Okoth.

Mariga who was running on a Jubilee ticket came in second with 11,230 votes and below are some of the mistakes that might have cost him the seat.

1. Running on a Jubilee ticket.

As Raila Odinga said Kibra is ODM’s bedroom and it was a suicide mission for Mariga to think he would succeed.

Now he knows that kwa ground vitu ni different.

2. Trying to sound fluent yet he isn’t.

We all saw how Mariga was struggling to express himself.

He would have just stuck to Swahili or Sheng that way he would have presented his Manifesto to the people. Kibra constituents would have related to him based on his oratory capacity.

‘We never fought…I’m ready for a lunch date,’ Mariga calls Imran

3. Running on a manifesto ‘written’ by someone else.

Mariga has never participated in politics nor does he know how they run so it is obvious the Manifesto he presented was someone else’s dream for Kibra.

4. Vying when he knew there is nothing he has done for Kibra people.

Truth be told Mariga is a good footballer, that we cannot argue about that but a politician? We are not that sure.

Reason being he has not interacted with the people of Kibra enough to understand what their struggles are unlike Imran.

5. Not voting

Mariga bit more than he could chew after he decided to vie for the Kibra Member of Parliament even when he knew too well he was not a registered voter in that constituency.

If he had never felt the need to vote for someone why did he expect the people of Kibra would be gracious enough to vote him in?

Despite being a newly registered voter, Mariga had never voted in his entire life.

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