Real Houusehelps of Kawangare actress Awiti – born Winnie Rubi – is trending for the wrong reasons.


The talented and funny actress is said to have swept her husband’s house clean.

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According to Kahawa Tungu, Awiti recently escaped from her matrimonial home in Komarock estate with everything leaving her husband – only identified as Mr. Bildad  – and her daughter with nothing at all.

“Awiti escaped with household belongings including a Meko cooker, fridge, bed, mattress, and clothes,” her neighbor said.

The witty comedienne who commands a huge fan base is said to have also taken her husband’s school certificates and it’s not clear why she did that.


Awiti and Bildad; a building and constructions professional, have been co-habiting as man and wife for quite a while now and in 2015, she gave birth to a bouncing baby girl.


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Awiti’s husband told Kahawa Tungu that they have been at loggerheads because of minor arguments one of which was concerning the whereabouts of the TV actress over the weekend.

The hubby and Awiti got into a shoutuing match when he damanded to know where the reality star was all night after she claimed she was attending a friend’s birthday party.

“Awiti also broke the TV and left it in a state where it cannot be operational,” added another neighbor 


The actress is yet to respond to the said allegations.