Bridget Aachieng

So the Nairobi D reunion was one episode we were all waiting for. Mishy Dora has been our source of entertainment this season and she did not let us down during the finale!

The Reunion hosted by Obinna, brought in new fights and secrets were revealed. Bridget Achieng brought in a guest who gave us all the dirt on Mishy Dora as she is the one who is always with the dirt on others.

“Ukona Kuma Chafu” Bridget Achieng Blasts Mishi Dora After She Seeing Her Guava

So, Mishy Dora claims that Bridget does travel but it’s always based on giving pu**y in exchange of travel money. She claimed that she had evidence from a guy who took Bridget to Nigeria and at the end of it gave her only 20 thousand.

She was not done, she went on to even say that, as Bridget was going to Dubai, she offered her “back groceries” for extra money. The money she acquired gave her the transport to travel to Dubai to look for Verah’s ex.


She said:

Alipatiana huko nyuma ndo iweze juu mbele yake haiwezi na akapata 150 thousand. Sawa kupatiana nunu ni sawa juu ni yako hata kwa makanga ni sawa! Akaenda kuulizia ex wa Vera anakuanga wapi leo, akaambiwa Kiza akamfwata ndo akatupa bash yake hapo.

Her main concern was that she claims to be a supporter and educator to the girl child but lives a fake life. That is not how you empower girls. She said they should just stop faking their lives and be real.