Raila Jnr

The Odingas are one of the powerful political dynasties in Kenya.

After the death of Jaramogi Odinga, his son Raila took over from where he’d left off and has become a prominent politician in Kenya. The opposition leader has won the hearts of many and who knows, he might be voted in as the next president of Kenya come August 7th.

Well, Raila is married to one beautiful woman Ida Odinga and they were blessed with four children but unfortunately, their eldest son Fidel Castro passed away in 2014. The surviving three Winnie, Rosemary and Raila Jnr are doing well. Rosemary who is a large scale farmer was recently sick but she is okay now.

This Is The Other Side Of Rosemary Odinga You Never Knew Of

On the other hand, Raila Jnr who is not a household name as his late brother Fidel and Kibera parliamentary seat aspirant Rosemary, has been busy handling family businesses and of course taking care of his sexy wife Yvonne Wambui and children.

Raila Jnr and Yvonne said, “I do” to each other at a very exclusive, colourful wedding ceremony that was attended by the who-is-who in Kenya back in 2011. The couple likes to keep away from the limelight, unlike their rich kids counterparts.

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For those who have never seen Yvonne Wambui Odinga, here are her photos

Yvonne is the daughter of Suzanne Gachukia, a former celebrity songstress.