Amina Khalef, wife to Tanzanian singer Ali Kiba has responded to a Tanzanian radio personality who alleged that she is back to Mombasa after parting ways with the singer.

Diva the Bause, who is a former Clouds FM presenter and once dated Ali Kiba shared on her Instagram that the reason for their alleged split was because the singer plays too much PS5 with kids.

Taking to Instagram, Amina asked her fans to ask her any question.

One fan asked why media pundits have been reporting that she is no longer with Ali Kiba. She responded;

“Ingekua vizuri wakiongea maneno na ushahidi. sio maneno matupu”

(It would be good if they spoke with evidence and not just words)

Another fan asked. Is it true that you have parted ways with Ali Kiba?

Amina responded with a video that said

“We Uliskia wapi?”

A year ago, Kiba admitted that they were having wrangles that forced his wife to go back to Mombasa, however, the two later patched things.

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