Ali Kiba

Ali Kiba was performing In Kampala, Uganda where he brought the city to a standstill. As it is with male artistes, they invite female fans to the stage to dance with them.

This time round, Kiba got a thirsty one. The two started off grinding on each other but the fan couldn’t let the moment go. She grabbed onto Ali Kiba’s goods leaving the artiste shocked at the action.

The look on the singers face just proved he was not ready for all this. He was in so much shock but because he was at work, he had to try to act normal. He held his goods to avoid another scare and went on with the show like nothing happened.

Harmonize embraces Ali Kiba after leaving WCB

Kiba is not single anymore because he said “I Do” to his Kenyan wife Amina Khalef in April where he held a big Muslim wedding in Mombasa.

Here is the video;

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