Yesterday Ali Kiba’s married his Kenyan bae, Amina Khalef, at Masjid Ul Kulthum mosque, a mosque built in honour of Joho’s mother.

In an exclusive interview with The Star’s Word Is, Amina revealed how she met the Seduce Me star.

“I met Ali Kiba during his frequent visits to Mombasa, which were during Joho’s campaign period, when he was contesting for the governorship,” Amina said.

Amina, who is of Oman origin, was born and brought up at Tel Aviv area in Kongowea, Mombasa.

She attended Stepping Stone Preparatory Primary School before joining Star of the Sea for her secondary education.

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Ali Kiba and Amina Khalef

Born in a Muslim family, where every child must undergo Islamic education at a tender age, Amina was enrolled at Bahrain Madrassa for her religious education.

Since Amina met Ali Kiba, the couple has kept their relationship secret and away from the prying eyes of the media.

Asked why she opted to keep her wedding secret, Amina said,

“It’s because it’s part of Islamic teaching.”

Amy Khalef at the reception in Joho's palace
Amy Khalef at the reception in Joho’s palace

The couple’s nuptials were celebrated by the who is who in the Kenyan entertainment scene, including Jamal Gadafi, Ally B and Chikuzee, as well as Mombasa county top brass.

An excited Ali Kiba told his fans, “Siku ya leo ndio siku mama yangu na baba yangu walifunga ndoa. Alhamdulilah.”

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Amina, who is a practicing accountant, will relocate to Dar es Salaam after the wedding. Kiba has built a palatial home in Tabata.

A source whispered in our ears, saying, “That house in Tabata has luxurious finishings imported from China and Dubai with no care for the cost implication. Pesa ni karatassss kwa Kiba.”

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Check out photos of Amina Khalef without the veil on her face.

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