Diva The Bause is a Tanzanian radio presenter. She has been rumoured to be dating Ali Kiba and has now confirmed that the rumours were true.

Even before Kiba met Kenyan wife Amina Khalef, Diva The Bause was said to have been the one who separated Ali Kiba and his former girlfriend Jokate Mwegelo.

In April 2018, Kiba walked down the aisle with Amina. Bause says they have been dating with Kiba and after he got married and decided to end things with him this year, 16th February 2020.

Me and Ali we came along way since his return in the music world and yes both as friends n lowkey lovers kwa muda mrefu saaaaaanaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa .. i have evidence to Prove ndio Killy alikuwa ananiita mama na wengine wote ..

so this is more like drama za mahusiano and someone is truely hurt … sababu tu a woman made a decision to move on .. si sawa at all , everyone has a right to move on , and im sorry i hurt yo feelings but it is what it is …

niliamua kuji distance kwa sababu zangu and take a break sababu zangu as well .. ndio maana huwa sifuti messages na evidence sababu ya vitu ka hizi .. by the way neither killy nor cheed is joining anywhere apo pia ntapaelezea ….by the way i end up kila kitu 16/2/2020 mwenyewe and i told Ali and i have evidence as well ..

hakuna ugomvi or anything i end everything peacefully, jus a woman ameamua to ku move on na maisha yake n fade up with on and off, so sielewi why natukanwa matusi kibao, i always love and respect him and his talent but have a life to live si kupost kila siku mambo or kuwa a puppet hell no i refuse …

Diva The Bause

She exposed Ali Kiba after she was accused of being the one who chased away Ali Kiba’s signess from his record label, Kings Record.

i want peace thats all and i have it all .. i just don’t like  a bully sababu no one knows anything zaid ya mimi na muhusika, so tuheshimiane … i respect him and wish him the best but nime move on na yeye pia na wengine naomba m move on ..

Adding that;

vitu vinaisha maisha yanaendela no need ya drama or create vitu this is not healthy at all, everyone has a brand to protect, Sijalala, i did everything to protect him, nilisimama nae kwa everything nahisi yal need to put respect on my name ..

hakuna mwanamke aliewahi simama nae vile , nimegombana na watu nimetukanwa or get all the bullyING for him,

nahisi tena i deserve shukran sana maana mepambana kuliko mtu yoyote yule ..nimepitia mengi nyuma ya pazia but i was there for him, he was my ride or die ..but imetosha …naona sasa this is too much and sad part is … wanaofanya all this ni watu wanaojua a to z on what’s goin on .. si sawa!.

To prove Diva wrong, Kiba posted a photo of his wife Amina Khalef kissing him on the cheeks as he wished her a happy birthday.

After the news broke, Amina posted a video of people carrying coffins as they danced.