Top of the morning this fine day. I have some rather gut wrenching information that came across my desk today. It actually saddens me because I was a huge fan of this particular guy I want speak about.


His name is Kantai and he had some major hit songs and actually influenced the culture by making it cool to rap in English.

Long ago, word came out that Kantai was battling real and dangerous demons. The specific demon he was battling was alcoholism. And it cost him dearly. He stopped making music.
And then he fell so far off the radar that the only time people mentioned him was right after asking,

“By the way, what happened to…”

But recently, I got some rather troubling photos that show Kantai never really healed or recovered. Yeah, we saw him make a comeback and it wasn’t just commendable, it was awesome. He did a comeback track with Khaligraph Jones and the track was nothing short of fire:

Trust me when I say that’s fire! You should probably check out the song just because it is an awesome jam.
So understand that when I got the photos I am about to share with you, I was disconcerted. But oh well, someone’s got to share them. And it’ll definitely be me, not you!

We reached out to him to get a comment and our calls went unanswered. His phone was still off by the time this story went to print: