Eve D'Souza

Media personality and actress Eve D’souza plays such a big role in Aunty Boss that she got her own show titled Varshita. She maintained most of the casts from Aunty Boss to keep playing their roles.


Eve D’souza who switched up roles from radio at Capital FM in the very same show that has caused a mayhem on twitter, Hits Not Homework.

The show was looking for fresh new talent after Amina Abdi left but ended up hiring an already existing employee, Anita Nderu.

Responding to the criticism, Anita wrote:

“After being trolled all weekend for being the third presenter of a competition I did not “win”, I was simply moved departments and the actual three winners are a major part of the show I am now a part of, for once this week being 3rd isn’t a bad thing!”

Anyway, soEve D’souza’s show picked up and even got a slot in Maisha Magic where its all East African content.

Eve D'Souza

Following her progress on her social media, she even incorporated Mark Masai in the show, of which I am sure increased the female viewership.

Sexy Eve D’Souza Puts Her Soft Tender Thighs On Display (PHOTOS)

She posted a picture of her and her co-actors Maqbull Mohammed and her Indian arranged ‘husband’.

The picture, Eve D’souza displays her baby bump flanked by her co-actors who have big vitambi’s.

She posted the picture with the caption: When you and your besties get pregnant at the same time 😂😂😂 #Throwingshade #Varshita.

The big question of the day is, is Eve D’souza really pregnant or is it just for the show, Varshita?