Larry Madowo
Larry Madowo in studio

Larry Madowo brought life to the biggest local live show on Friday, Trend and then left. Then we saw him take up a more political line and the next thing we knew he is on CNN! Rumours started circulating that he might just have silently left NTV.

Larry Madowo
Larry Madowo

NTV executive producer, Linus Kaikai announced his resignation which came as a shock to many and a few hours later Larry Madowo took to social media to posd an excerpt from Charles Dicken’s book A Tale Of Two Cities. The poetic opening of that book in context looked like a letter to NTV on the experience he had during his time there.

Larry Madowo

He tweeted:

Larry Madowo is gearing up to leave NTV as he warms up to CNN

From the comments on his tweet, his haters were very ready to bid him goodbye but still wished him well all the same. One comment, however, killed it. One Njeri wrote: at last… In our language, we say ” Dúkanamíe kímamo’ .. Travell well… no one will miss you..#RIPMadowo. For those who are not familiar with the language, she basically just told Larry not to shit where he sleeps.

He also wrote a sweet message to Linus thanking him for making him who he is now; an internationally reknown journalist.

He wrote:

‪I owe my whole broadcast career to @kaikailinus; the best boss a journalist can ever ask for. I’m gutted to see him leave @ntvkenya today.‬ ‪It’s the end of an era here. It will never be the same again. Goodbye and good luck!‬

Well, I do not know what’s happening to NTV but all the best to those who have left and to those who are still left behind.