Akothee has been through the grinder and back. She can narrate how hell looks like.

That is why Akothee never takes to heart what trolls say about her. She lives her truth and soldiers on like the boss lady she is.

She did not name herself Madam Boss for no reason.

Fresh from a highly heated and emotional custody battle – which she won by the way – Akothee takes a moment to talk about the death of her infant child.

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Back in 2007, her second born child, a son, who was only 8 months old, passed on.

“I had only 3 children 😂😂 but I had dropped 4 in my 10 year of marriage, one passed on at 8 months. I didn’t have money to take him to the hospital early enough, or may be it was Gods time.

He is actually the one I delivered on the streets and the watchmen of Awendo were my midwives, he was my second born, a boy in that matter, that one means a lot to the Luo community.”

With her family

Akothee who has christened himself the president Of Single Mothers added, “Don’t tell me about poverty it’s evil yooo.

How many mothers have ever given birth on their own far away from the hospital with no hope but God!

So you know why I am crazy, nothing can shake me compared to the things I have seen all my life. I have missed death 3 times. If I died then, you wouldn’t have known my name. Forget about knowing my story, 😂😂😂 thats why I got no chills for nobody’s opinion.”

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Here are shocked reactions from her fan.

candychristine9: Akothee, this is so sad, wish you the best of the best, you deserve it miss president. I know your pain jokochanda.

johianjossy: My all time motivator,role model,won’t get tired of chasing my dreams too aki napenda your courage and personality

kossymutai: Please write a book,that can be read by many.Your story is so inspiring.
wangaa_wa_phauloI love you Akothee. Many many more blessed years

lencerakothee1: Amazing nyaluo!! At times people should not judge you coz they don’t know what you have gone through!! Keep inspiring some idiots who think that ur life will not be Amazing!! Thee boss lady.

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