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Akothee has been trolled for having many children with many men but she will not settle down any time soon. Worry not Akothee, here is a list of 10 men you have to go through before you find the one.

Here they are:

1. The jealous one

The person who would prove to you that you definitely deserve better. No one deserves an insecure psycho lover. It’s crazy because you might end up having them as your only friend if everyone becomes a problem.


Jealous emoticon Stock Vector - 393905082.The one you will never forget.

This one can also be the one who will totally love and will screw you up. For the ladies, I don’t know why they love the ones who hurt you the most. Even when in a new relationship, you would find yourself thinking of him.

3.Social Media and message stalkers 

I am pretty sure you’re nodding your head now. Everyone has that one stalker and they are just so annoying.

4.Tie the knot right now kind of guys

Now, these guys are full of fake promises that they cannot even dream about honouring. They will be the ones to promise a house, a car, heck even a jet. They move too fast out of lust and infatuation yet they do not understand love.

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5.The Bed rockers 

Okay, let us be honest we all need one like this. Experience is the best teacher. I will just leave it at that.

6.The one you love but would eventually screw it all up.

Women will always plan to marry that one guy who gives her the feels but he will be the one to hurt you the most and guess what? You will still love him.

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7.The childish old one

That one guy who will just think like a baby.


8.The person your parents will hate.

This one I say should be a point you should really consider. If mama don’t like them, they probably ain’t for you.

9.And the person your parents will love.

The twist here is, your partner may be so good to your parents’ but forgets to be just the same to you.


10.The one who would leave you with trust issues

Okay, in case you have not yet found this one, be sure you will. They come as a test of learning to trust again.