Akothee was named this year’s East African best female artiste by the Afrimma awards. She trounced other big names in the category, the likes of Victoria Kimani and Vanessa Mdee to clinch the award.

Her fans were ecstatic.

They congratulated her and said, despite the “panties” saga, her true fans came through and voted for her.

Go Check The Last Time You Changed Your Panties,’ Akothee Claps Back At Fan For Hating On Her KSH 35,000 Stage Costume

Akothee posted her acceptance speech on social media.

Here are some comments from #TeamAkothee.

Moreen Kere wrote, “Soo every God’s word come to pass? truly u will set our tables before our enemies, may we bless all our enemies, through you I have affirmed more my believe in him.”

Wanyama Eva wrote, “So you still won hata baada ya kutishwa tishwa na kura?! Lol! Hongera. You are self made and a go getter.”


Trizah Omare wrote, “Before she won Some people were here like… #TeamVictoriaKimani… haha while you were busy teasing and insulting her we were busy voting…now that your votes went in vain..you’re back with excuses that she bought it…haha
#TeamAkothee we are few but loyal…next time learn not to under estimate our power….”

Maggy Sang added, “Some malicious woman are there seated buying 5 mbs bundles to start insulting Akothee who is far away miles’ uko apo kinoo umeketi una mtoi mmoja but unakaa nyanya wa watoi kumi!!! See Akothee a mother of 5 and still maintains her body figure plus beauty’ sasa insults zitakupeka wapi mwanangu???? mark you Akothee huwa hana time ya kusoma izi comments you are too much idle writing nonesense on her wall.”

Eric Ochieng Magz Geovanni wrote, “#Congratulations. Victoria Kimani ni wetu pia she has hits and videos Kali but hypocrisy from us Kenyans tuwache..let’s support our local artists sio tuu when we want to prove a point or because we are hating on another artist..Kenya has lots of talent but tunaringa we can’t support our own ati hawatoshi mboga..Victoria Kimani has been begging for votes kutoka from way back in many awards mpaka akachoka..she even wonders whether Kenyans really appreciate her putting the country on the map..So for Akothee to win this one just shows it was not easy …building a brand and loyal followers is key.Congratulations to Sauti Sol for best group.If Kenyans just vote like they do comment we will be scooping all the awards.”

And now, here are some comments from #NotSoTeamAkothee


Loko Angel wrote: I can only congratulate #Sautisoul, Always cool people! They deserve the Awards! But for this Madwoman #Madampants! She knew she’ll win thru bribery! #whiteguka’s money!! Heheheheee! Lol, Nimeenda Maternity!!”

Bilal Gikuyu Origy wrote, “Vanessa should have won it akothe sura ankara ametoa hongo ” adding, “How can she beat the likes of akina vanessa na victoria kimani lol money can buy even votes and talent.”

Brenda Nyakerario wrote, “Team Victoria tuko hapa don’t give up kutangulia si kufika Our tyme Wil definitely come God’s tyme is the best stay humble pride comes before fall . .we r slow but sure.”

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