Akothee and Maina Kageni
Akothee and Maina Kageni

Akothee is one of the few women that we have around who tries to stand by what she believes in. And what is that exactly?


That she lives her life the way she sees fit, is unapologetic about the choices and the decisions that she makes.



And she has got into hot soup many times for this attitude that she possesses. But the mother of 5 has no qualms about stepping on toes and she apparently did so last week when she was a guest on Maina Kageni’s morning show.

Akothee and Nelly Oaks
With her man/manager, Nelly Oaks

What did the president of the single mothers’ society do exactly? Her dress sense offended some purveyors of fashion or shall I say the Kenyan moral police.

Akothee whose real name isĀ Esther Akoth posted an image with Maina Kageni after her interview on her social media pages.

Akothee with her daughters
With her daughters

The image elicited shock and fury about the length of her attire. Followers on her Instagram page had these to say:

mamabear_bear Lol no offense but that blouse is a NO No………..
oyalow Love your songs but your personality especially on interviews is stupid
rotahjustus Akothe yawa….that’s too short oohh. .HOT!!
damaneider@suzybanks53 enyewe kuvaa ilimshinda
kitalean_bae Eeeh sasa iyo ni nguo
edna_kabuna Akothee please walk naked you owe nobody any explanation whatsoever on what you chose to wear.Kila mtu na maisha yake
cycy_otieno Your dress your choice @akotheekenya
chris_o_jaqueIyo nguo imenishinda kunike
xashy_rom Wololo

While some may see her dress sense as improper, Akothee has done this before. Earlier this year, she performed in London and it wasn’t her performance that was critiqued but what she wore during it.

In London

Some compared her dressing to Beyonce’s but that was as far as the similarities went, for she was torn down with claims that she lacked the class of the former.

Beyonce_concert_Barcelona-Wikimedia Commons

Me, I like that Akothee takes risks, she is clearly not everyone’s cup of tea and that is o.k No man was ever liked by everyone. Even Jesus!

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