Self proclaimed president of single mother said she is tired of people only wanting to be friends when they feel they can gain something from her.

According to the mother of five, she has fallen prey to such ‘friendships’ for so long but not anymore.

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Taking to her social media Akothee explained that she has had to block some people who add no value to her life.

Over the years ,I have been suffering from a disease called ” Being too Nice “this disease has taken me to hospitals numbers of Times .

I never knew why I was successfull ,but still tired and feeling empty even while in a relationship, little did I know I had people around me who sucked my energy ,And I always felt the need to attend to them.

Play a mother figure even to my employees ,and try to put everyones shit together.

Akothee added,

I have this heart that I am soo passionate of what I do and over protective and caring for people / family around me.

I have this stupid heart that makes me burn my finger every day . Whenever I say No to my children or family / Friends ,I go into a small depression and feel like ,I should just give in to what they ask me to do.

Unfortunately, all this things are normally one sided and people will only miss me when I am no more.

They might not feel my presence now until that day.’

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Akothee said that turning 40 had taught her a lot of lessons and she was putting them into practice.

When I turned 40, I learnt to say NO TO BULSHIT.

Even my children/ Family think I am mean and crazy NO I grew up.

I have a terrible burn out since Corona ,I have been having heavy schedules with the foundation Akothee Empire I am just pushing myself ,to accomplish my target for 2020 but I am very tired.

Atleast I have no relationship weighing me down.’

One of the tactics Akothee has decided to take into practice is taking a break from work.

‘I have asked my children to be responsible in their own way ,whether I am there or not , the world is cruel , but I want them to learn from my past that no amount of fantasy can pay bill.

No man can take care of you like you take care of yourself LEARN YOUR MONEY AND GET STABLE BEFORE YOU THINK OF MAKING DECISIONS OF SETTLING DOWN.

I dumped afew people from my life And it feels better with no idiots feeling my wassap with stupid “hi babes ” that don’t make a meaning into my life.

I dumped every phone relationships that made me feel empty after we got off phone.

Some of the people cant reach me now and they wonder why, bitch its because I realised you needed me more than I needed you.

If you have no business dont call my number.