The president of single mothers Akothee is coming out as the president of throwing the best of parties in 2020.

The mother of five could not hide the joy in celebrating her daughter’s big day as she threw the most talked about all white glamorous party on Wednesday.

Among those invited was Vesha’s father who looked sharp in his attire. From the conversation and mingling between Akothee and her baby daddy, it was clear that the two had strong chemistry.

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They are mature enough to co-parent without issues in spite of them not being together.

At the event, Akothee gave a speech about the relationship between her baby daddy showering him with praises and addressed critics who would say that she is glued to him and wants him back by saying both of them have never left each other.

Akothee at the event talked about their dating life back then when Jared Okello, Vesha’s father, would earn 15,000 per month and cater for the family.

As the struggle continues in raising the family, Akothee opted to offer a helping hand by manufacturing soap in order to help with the expenses.

The singer praised her baby daddy for being a wonderful man and father to the extent of saying that Jared, is the kind of man that everyone would want to marry for taking care of his children and family as a whole.

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Akothee being fully aware that as a celebrity, she would be the talk of the town for her closeness with her baby daddy, addressed critics whom she says would be questioning her relationship with Jared.

For Akothee she says many would claim that she wants to come back into her baby daddy’s life.

She addressed the matter by revealing that the two have been communicating since the very first day.

For her, she claims she is not interested in going back to Jared as they have never left each other in the first place.

Akothee also touched on the strained relationship she has had with her mother as a child using an example of oil and water to show how immiscible they were judging from their differences in view of life.

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