Akothee is the queen of comebacks. Maybe only Betty Kyallo comes close to her, that is in terms of shutting down the haters and the negative critics.

Betty Kyallo

Don’t forget the tiff she had late last year with bloggers Cyprian Nyakundi and Robert Alai. Although she also sustained a black eye, she went toe to toe with them.

Mrs Alai, Hei b*tch; Akothee snaps at Robert Alai as they exchange more blows

But what happens when Akothee is not the subject of negativity on her social media but awe and adoration? How does she respond? Well, we now have a case study to look at.



A young man called Odimathestar, tried his luck with “Kenya’s richest musician”, fawning over her and declaring his love for her. He wrote:

@akotheekenya I don’t have money but I want to marry you how will get in touch, please I’m serious I have been crushing on you since 2015 my sweetheart im madly please accept me.

Akothee with the other man who fawns over her

Akothee responded to his heartfelt declaration with a mix of humour and sarcasm saying:

@odimathestar dont stop crushing sweety , crush now aaa, na crushing be free , only chips and chicken will cost you money , carry our crush carry it to 2020 I will get back to you when I have made up my mind to be broke , I will sell everything and throw away, so we start from the botyom sweetie , I love you madly , my cup of tee, the only crystal in my cocaine, ohh my heroin, how about some weed seating next to the pool, feeling and guessing in the sky , where no one is seeing us but the weed hawkers.


What should Odimathestar do? Wait on his “one true love” or move on? Me, I would wait for her. Akothee is well worth the wait, a woman of substance with no equal. Ama?

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