Kenyan artiste Akothee has responded to the news of domestic violence meted out on Tanzanian star Shilole by her husband of two years, with utmost shock.

According to Akothee, it’s time we stopped domestic violence as no woman should be made to go through such horror.

‘My husband beats me up leaving me hospitalized,’ Tanzanian star Shilole opens up

Taking to her social media platform, the mother of five said,

No woman should go through this kind of humiliation, it’s not that we are weak and can’t fight back.

It’s the respect and love that we have for you that brings submission, every woman in love will do everything to keep her marriage going even when you date an imbecile.

No one wants to live alone ,it’s very lonely up there ,it’s even worse as a celebrity.’

Akothee added that wanting to have someone in your life no matter the circumstances has caused many people injuries.

This kind of action of uprooting women’s eyes and beating them like snakes is only done with men without morals and behaviours.

The way I invest in my body, if one idiot lays his hands on me one, I don’t know if I will call police or sergeant at arm’s.

I think The president will adress the nation that day, or his mother will find both of us in Jail.

If my security guards don’t squeeze his balls to level Zero before ambulance. ambulance will do it’s work.’

Akothee went on to advise Shilole to focus on healing as her kids still need her around.

‘ @officialshilole this hurts and as a single mother you need your energy to take care of your children and your

This motherf*cker will have another woman the very day of your burial if things got out of hands and you loose your life.

Any Man who can do this to you, really don’t have attachment to your life.

I can’t even afford to beat my own Salome to this level what do men normally think they are? Who are they? eeE

men with only one d#ck , will even be more worse ,they will beat you 2 times, they beat you for you, then they beat you for their own frustrated life as if you are the one who messed their lives.

Akothee said she had in the past dated people of questionable character but let them go when things did not work out.

‘ I have dated imbeciles before & when it had to reach my body, my friend the door.

They stole my money and even gossip about me with my own employees.