Akothee has thanked her baby daddy Papa Oyoo for always standing by her and supporting her even when most people did not believe in her.

This she shared as she celebrated him on his birthday.Taking to her social media the mother of five penned

‘It was on a day like this 27. 9 2009 on your birthday, that you proposed me and bought me a house behind the then nakumat @45M.

The Mzungu who was selling the house to us, thought I was naive and he could steal from us? You loved the home so much that you didn’t want to let go.

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The Muzungu still wanted to keep his bedroom upstairs for his holidays😂😂😂 I had never owned a property before .

But trust me, it didn’t make sense to me and I could not imagine sharing a compound with that man🙆.

Akothee added that one of the reasons Papa Oyoo really wanted to buy the house is because he felt Akothee and the kids would be happy.

‘I had known him for over 3 years, we used to come to that house for dinner with friends during our hustle mood 😂😂😂😂, and he used to play very rich Swiss guy.

Don’t ask me what I was doing there ,😂😂😂. You thought the kids & me would be happy in that home 🙏 you loved the pool and the chef Mr Shinando , you wanted to see your queen happy.

I had to protect you and our property. Now today I want to tell you that since I met you, I have known that true love and Angels still exist ❣️.


Come and see what the girl you met as a taxi driver living in shanzu at Toles own compound rented house, has become 💪.

1. A mega star 2. An entertainer
3. An entrepreneur 👉@akotheesafari 4. The number one leading & highly paid brand Ambassador/ influencer in Kenya @akno.tela

5 . An investor @akothenpropertie 6. The original philanthropist @akotheefoundation
On top of it.



7 . THE AKOTHEE FAN BASE ( the only celeb with no haters , just loyal fans and admires ) 💪
8. An eminent MEMBER of ELREB .

👉FROM GRACE TO GRACE 🙏The only man who would like to see me grow . Mr Dominic decherf
Wuon Oyoo @papaoyoo

When counting my blessings ,I count you 7 times .

You are my HERO ,MY ORIGINE ,
THANK YOU FOR ALWAYS BEING THERE FOR ME AND THE KIDS. Not forgetting the many trips you made with me to childrens court🙏 fighting over a child that is not yours 🤦DOMINIC WHO ARE YOU AGAIN?

Help me wish Papa OYOO HAPPY BIRTHDA

Happy birthday Papa Oyoo for believing in Madam boss.

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