Akothee in black and white

Akothee is a heroine for many women in Kenya especially single mothers. She calls herself the president of the single mothers and that title is not hot air as she has a large brood to take care of.

Akothee’s man Nelly Oaks

The lady who is not only a musician also has several business interests.

She also gives out unsolicited advice that is entertaining, controversial and definitely divisive. She recently posted some advice to ladies about why the Great Akothee does not us make-up. She wrote:

“Would you like to know why I dropped make up ! Because I realised I was lying to myself and to the people 😂😂😂 why should I admire someone else on the mirror for almost 1 hour making faces thinking it’s beauty ? Oyaaa see real beauty ohhh !so tell me what is missing on that face, that should be make uped , my towels and bedsheets were in trouble ! And the way I love white things ! I needed 2_3 towels on stage !the first sweat the towel already looked like mad it got me embarrassed and uncomfortable ! When I went shopping for clothes I had to cover my face before I tried a cloth ! So all this mess and stress ! If someone asked me for a photo I would not do it if I dint have make up on ! So what the he’ll was I doing with myself with all the stress ? I just woke up and dumped everything from lipstick to eyebrows 😂😂😂😂#calpolis above all when I met @nellyoaks he told me that am naturally beautyful and even more with short hair ! So I dropped hair trusted myself and took @nellyoaks compliments😍😍😍 thanks love am at peace! Those who miss make up on my face paint your own !don’t you have your own face ? Or buy a doll name #madamboss & make her up like you want 😂😂😂 freedom is a choice , but I will die for my nails hiyo usiguze! 😂😂😂😂ni ya kushika glass ya wine it has to be on point 😂😂”

I love her reasons. #Team natural mimi.

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